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                                  PRODUCT FEATURES

                                  SOURCE MANUFACTURER

                                  Steel processing, trade, distribution, warehousing logistics services in a body

                                  CORROSION RESISTANT

                                  Product has corrosion resistance, non-toxic, high strength, good ductility features

                                  SUPPORT CUSTOM

                                  A variety of specifications optional, processing customized

                                  PRECISION MACHINING

                                  Kaiping, slitting machine, bending, labeling and other products processing services

                                  AFTER-SALES SERVICE

                                  To provide you with online customer service for a long time


                                  High temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance

                                  RELISABLE QUALITY

                                  Quality is the successful partner, jitc is the guarantee of quality

                                  OPTIMIZING MATERIAL

                                  Materials high purity, homogeneity surface smooth feeling good

                                  WHY DID YOU CHOOSE US?

                                  Good originality Casting quality

                                  Automation equipment

                                  Hardware mechanical equipment is complete, improve work efficiency security work, end smoothly

                                  Has its own factory

                                  Strictly selected excellent steel, processing performance is good, used in many industries and fields

                                  Spot supply

                                  Have a large number of inventory, supplies remain stable for a long time, the delivery speed

                                  Intimate after-sales

                                  We will provide you with online customer service for a long time, help you to quickly solve the problem of after sales

                                  ABOUT US More

                                  Quality first, Good service

                                  Jiangyin city with a metal material co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of a variety of steel enterprises, is now set steel processing, trade, distribution, warehousing logistics services in a body, the main products of tin plating steel belt (tin), cold-rolled steel belt, electric galvanized steel strip (fingerprint resistant), chrome-plated steel belt, a shear processing (kaiping, slitting, slitting, cutting, bending, printing, fumo, painted yellow, white, the lacquer that bake, color printing) and distribution of comprehensive enterprise, especially good at tin precision points, from the most narrow width 6 mm to customer specify any width. Company products are widely used in stationery, electronics, auto parts and other industries, products have passed SGS test, have to enter the European and American market conditions. The company was founded in 2007, with good reputation, customer trust and support, has achieved constant development.

                                  FIELD DEMONSTRATION

                                  • 工廠大門
                                  • 廠房
                                  • 倉儲
                                  • 倉儲
                                  • 倉儲
                                  • 辦公室
                                  • 辦公室
                                  • 物流
                                  • 物流

                                  QUALITY, EFFICIENCY, DETAILS



                                  Online consultingSincerely provide you with professional solutions


                                  7 * 24-hour service hotline



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